Monday, 17 January 2011

Admire Couture. Did It Really Fail?

After all those Blog Posts on Admire Couture, You probably have a 80% Perfect Picture on how the 'Release Party', The Collection Itself & TTT's Interesting 'Read' On Tyler's Opinion On His Media Partners Collection, Went.

Admire Couture was said to 'Fail' In bringing us what they Promised and Just NOT Delivering the 'Futuristic' Theme we were expecting... So Tyler, Straight after the Party, Released a Post on his Long, & Very... Personal? Opinion about AC's Collection.

Tyler referred AC's Collection as:

'Many Of The Pieces Look Like A Kim Kardashian Clubbing Getup'

Which as most of we know... Can be quite infuriating.

So of this 'So-Called' Constructive critisim, Sinbabee Started arguing with Tyler, & Dei when she came to Tyler's defence...

In my honest Opinion, Maybe you do not want it, But really... In what world can we be 'Constructive' And Proffessionally write referring to some Celebrity, & Critise a Person that immaturely... I don't think that is on.

Plus, Being that dis-respectful of your Media Partner... Dissing them infront of Everyone... If Tyler really wanted to tell someone what he though, Go and tell someone that will listen, And save someone the embarrasment.

So, With this Post, I am not trying to say that AC's Collection was 'Flawless' Or I loved it, And thought the Clothes were Futuristic or anything, Because I do agree that I the clothes didn't portay The Future, And the Graphics improved, But looked half-finished... I still think that people should keep to themselves, And keep your opinions sometimes on the low.
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