Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lolita- Let's Give The Girl A Break.

Hello all dear Readers,

As you may have noticed; This Blog is dead right now.
And I am not blaming Lettie or any of the Staff whatsoever, because I know how hard it is to keep such a popular, gossip blog running on Stardoll these days when the gossip drain seems to be dried out.

But, I have come back to do a few posts... Because I don't just feel as if I can give you some good gossip sometimes, but that I also owe the Readers that I never even bothered to say goodbye too, give them what they are following this Blog for... Gossip.

So, what is the 'Hot New Gossip' today?...

Lolita Leaves!

(Picture Courtesy Of PSG)

Now, I know this subject may bore you to hell, because, let's face it... Lolita has had her leaving's and coming's constantly throughout the years... But this time, I don't know why, but I feel it is upon me and even you, the reader, to finally give the girl (Lolita) a break.

Now, you may think; Why!?

Well, let me just tell you, that after reading some of the comments stated on PSG... By anno's that were the meanest... I was just shocked of how horrible and un-sympathetic people could be.
(Click To Enlarge)

Like, seriously! Some people were just going at her, ANONYMOUSLY of how she was going to come back and that Stardoll was so addicting she couldn't leave it, and also someone Anonymously stating that they dream of her leaving and when she comes back their dream will be over...
Nu-Uh. Just stop there.
Why do this?
This is all hate. Hate.
Now, I know that I can be not the most nicest person on Earth, or at least in Dollywood and I CAN post some mean comments on Posts that I think deserve it or people I dislike; Hey, I'm not perfect!
But, if all people, even yourself reading; If you post nasty comments constantly to people on Blogger posts, then one day all you will know within yourself is hate and nastiness.

So right below the last comment right now, I posted a reassurance comment to Lolita.
I think we all don't have the willpower to just sell our 'Precious' Rares on Stardoll, leave some good people behind, And finally just get on with life how she did, so we shouldn't be making snide remarks, we should be encouraging her to finally get off this Dollywood site because, let's face it; It is addicting.

PS: If you think this Post was some ass-kissing, stupid piece of crap, then go, fly away and write a nasty comment on some post, or even on this post about Lolita or how she is this or that; Oh, why not even go under Anonymous? It will save you some hassle!
Or, if you agree with me, just leave a comment on any post made about Lolita, nice or not, giving her encouragement... Because at the end of the day, that is what we all need and ask for.