Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lolita goes wild!

I was just posting something to Beautybabe2's Guestbook, when I saw a comment from Lolita:
'I'm sorry to say this but your magazine has a lot of issues. Read my comments to understand what I am talking about.'

So naturally, I go on the Influental Magazine homepage, and read all the comments... when I come down to Lolita's rant on the magazine:
I checked, and yes, Lolita was right about al the accusation's she made about Influental Mag...
And sadly, she wasn't the only one pissed:

I am guessing you are getting the picture of how annoyed and angry both Wooldoor and Lolita are... do you think this will all blow over? Or do you think Influental Stardoll will be accussed more and pulled into one big drama? Comment below!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Congratulations TSJ+ Admire Magazine

Hey guys (: I am back and SO sorry for my HUGE lack of posts, but I do have a clear explanation: I was grounded and was not allowed on the computer for a week or so... So, please forgive me, but I will be back up and running with better post's then EVER!

Firstly, I would like to stay a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to The Stardoll Juice, who now have a BIG number of 444 FOLLOWERS! So, congratulation's to the owner firstly, Lettie97 & for making me so welcome on this blog, to all the writer's for posting & the biggest thank you to you reader's who made TSJ what it is today!

And secondly, Admire is releasing it's first Couture line... I am VERY excited! There seem's to be no location yet though, well, will have to wait and see (:

Monday, 8 November 2010

Starplaza Updates!

Hi TSJ readers! I hope you are all well :)
Sorry for not posting, somehow life has passed me by and it's now November (wow, it seems like last week it was Christmas...)

The Starplaza has some new updates:

There is a New Look collection out, which is ironic as the collection is mainly 20s (or so I think) based and is very nice. Clothes such as the Black Flapper Dress (ideal if you like the flapper look) have returned to the Starplaza and are in the Archive shop. However, they are all Superstar, so, Non Superstars looking to recreate the 20s look or any vintage look at all can browse the Decades collection, there are some good clothes that can help you recreate the vintage look from the 50s, 70s or even 20s!

The Tingeling Halloween Couture collection is on sale! To find it you can go to the Tingeling store, it is there. All clothes/accessories are 50% off, which, is a good deal! Like all Starplaza sales, they are for Superstars only. Be quick, you don't know how long the store will last until! Buy all items you want because I am sure that the Starbazaar prices will be very expensive, especially the stunning Dark Floral Dress Insp. By Dior dress, which was $40 but is now $20.

Like nature? Then look at the new Garden Variety store. Stardoll have released headbands, earrings etc with flowers on them. Prices range from $5-$6, and are all non Superstar. Personally I like them, I think they're cute and I love the pink flower headband. Are you going to buy an item? Do you like them?

-Charlotte :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

New SS doll

There is a new SS doll, it is Anna Wintour, the sencond dress-up of her.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Recherche Pre-Spoiler!

The stunning Stardoll magaazine, Recherche has made it's way to Fashion Group and joined in with all the other projects.

Fashion Group exclusively revealed a pre-spoiler for the next issue of the magazine.
It looks very interesting, but does confuse me just a tiny bit...

Comment below of what the theme for this issue could be!