Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hey guys. the New Tingeling Halloween couture is out,
I like it, will you be buying any?

SS For A Day Not Working?

Is anyone else's link to being SS for a day not working? I've tried it with my account (chopper9) and my other account (rufusmillipede)'s email and that doesn't work either? Help please? D:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Today's poll on Stardoll

Today Stardoll came up with an interesting poll about story they are publishing called 'Mortal Kiss'. Here it is:
It is funny how people don't actually read the story, but of course, come up with an idea that appeals to them most - a vampire. I am actually glad that there are quite a lot vampire fans here, but still, it is funny. What do you think?

Be SS for a day!

I got this email from Stardoll today:

Tomorrow, I can be Superstar for the day for free! This s a great idea and it's nice for non-superstars to be Superstars for a day. I think this is only for people who have been a Superstar before and haven't been for a while. Did you recieve this email? Comment :).

Hey Dharlings! (:

Hey my dharling readers! :D This is my first post on The Stardoll Juice (Yayy :D) and I guess I should introduce myself first: I am Vicky, AKA Princessvx in our crazy Stardoll world... and I would just like to say thank you everyone for this HUGE honor that you gave me to write for TSJ... I am truly excited, and hope you look forward to my future posts that will include Stardoll goss, scandals, and all the other things I am sure you will LOVE to be updated about, that will start sooner than you think!



Hey Stardoll juice readers, I'm Sasha and I'm a new writer here. Its great to be a writer here, and I know it will be amazing.
x sasha

Introduction Post!

Hi, TSJ readers! I'm Charlotte, or chopper9 on Stardoll! Some of you may remember me from before TSJ closed temporarily. Well, I've been selected to re-write again, which is so great! I've missed TSJ so much, and Lettie (Lettie97) too! Lettie is an amazing friend on Stardoll, I love her a lot! + her Ben obsession which we share :D

Anyway, I'll bring you news about Stardoll, plus tips etc on anything regarding Stardoll, or life in general! (add me for that. It makes me feel smart :D)

So, then, here's my first update!

Front Row has a new section - Front Row Milan. Front Row is fashion from Fashion Week - in London, New York and Milan, which is currently on now. Milan is mainly full of dresses, however there is a Ring Embellished Jacket too. All bags and shoes are Non-SS, however every dress + jacket (with the exception of the Fringe Shift - underneath the jacket)
Prices range from $6 (for the ring purse) to $16 for the Red Satin & Lace Shift and the green Ruffle Dress.

Another new update to the Starplaza is Gamezone. This is for your Suite, and is a mixture between SS and Non-SS! YAY. =D It has furniture such as chairs shaped like Pacman, Pacman photos and tables, futuristic furniture and also record themed cushions. The price range is $3 for wall stickers to $17 for a Panda themed...thing. Yeah.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New offer for superstars

If you are superstar, most likely you got this message in your inbox today. (If you did not get it, try logging out and then in again).
As you see, now when you want to buy stardollars, you get 25% more. Nothing special, if you ask me, because I stand for not giving real money for virtual stardollars, but it might mean something to others who buy. But what do you think about offer? Will you buy?

Monday, 27 September 2010

Free Camp Rock gifts - weird

Today when I visited my suite, I saw bunch of gifts. I opened them, and in boxes were items from previous Camp Rock campaigns, like this:
I checked back the account who sent me gifts, and here it is:
She seems like newly created non-superstar account. She already changed her outfit today so it seems like active user, but if she sent gifts like these, it must be Stardoll admin or something. She has not much visitors, so I guess not many got those gifts too.But if you did get them, comment bellow. Thanks.

Milena is back!

Yeah, you heard it, I am back on The Stardoll Juice! This time though, from my other account, VampireLady33, since I sold my main account VampLady for a really good deal(it was for real money). You may probably know me from writing here, or the infamous The Stardoll Shiner (I am not writing there anymore, personal reasons).
So, what can you expect from me? First of all, some 'normal posts' about news on Stardoll etc, or some articles about Stardoll related themes. I hope you will like my posts, and I really hope you comment, because every single comment will mean much to me. I will get posting really soon.

4 writers have been chosen!

I've chosen 4 writers already and they are:


The more writers, the more posts, so yes, more writers will be chosen! So, keep applying guys!
Also, thanks for being so positive and everything about the blog re-opening :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

WANTED: Juicy Writers!

Do YOU want to be a part of the brand new Stardoll Juice?
Do YOU want to be one of the juicy writers?
If so, just fill out the form below and pop in a comment! Four or more writers will be chosen!

Stardoll username:
How often do you go on Stardoll?
Do you have a Blogger account?

All new writers will be chosen sometime this week and will be informed on Stardoll. Good luck everyone!

We're back in buisness!