Monday, 11 July 2011

Voltage Models

hey Guys :)
Yes a new modeling agency has come atround, its owned by freeduck_,
he will be choosing 13 models. I love the name of the agencys Volatge Models..
The winner will be getting a whopping prize of 3000 sds! (now it's definately worth trying for)
So i hope some of you will try ;D
So there will be an opening party on Tinychat, and yes a best dressed list also.
Here is the invite:

Sasha ;D

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dirty released

Sorry guys for not posting for more than a long time..

So I know im a bit late but Dirty magazine, the summer issue, was released
I loved it, and the graphics were great ;D

Evening Falls

Hey ;D There's this new store out called Evening Falls in the starplaza.
Well, the prices are alright, and I LOVE the clothes.
What do you think? :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

She Is Back... M By Marcela; Sold?

Hellooo! Wow, it's been ages, hasn't it? I will answer that for you- Yes it has been a very very long time. I guess I owe you readers an apology, or on the other hand, maybe I don't... I mean, I stopped posting because the Owner just quit the blog, left the massive amount of followers, the writers just went on off-mode & Never posted, so this blog has obviously been dormant for the past... Wow, yes, 7 months. How time flies really. I remember when I used to post on The Stardoll Juice weekly. I felt like a small part of the blog, only a writer. That the blog didn't revolve around me, because there were so many followers & The owner had all the lime-light. Now that's changed I guess. I mean, I am the only writer left, as I see it. No one is coming back on the blog. It's basically been abandoned, long story short.But, don't fear; The Gossip Gal is back. Lame name? I know. But I needed something, I guess.

So, let's not waste time chatting about things that don't need much explanation, all we need to do is to get back in the habit of The Stardoll Juice providing you with the latest gossip, exclusive's & Interesting reads. Come on all, let's start reading & Get back to the top of the gossip charts. So...
What is the gossip of today? M By Marcela, is sold.
Yes, sold! As we all know, M By Marcela is a huge project owned by .Marcela.. on Stardoll, and it has gradually become one of the most respected & Popular Starbazzar fashion lines. So, obviously, everyone is just asking themselves; Why would she want to sell it? She was making bags of Stardollars from these collections. & The biggest question of all; Why would she sell it to the hacker, the person that steals a bit from every successful project on Stardoll for himself... Basically a famewhore, MizzMileyCyrus9 (Or formally known since the Radio Perez last night; MizzMileyVirus9!)?! It doesn't just boggle our minds, but makes us question how desperate Marcela is for the money and... Is she maybe broke? Uh-Oh.

I asked a few fellow Stardollians on what their opinion on the whole situation is & What do they think the project will turn out as after MizzMileyCyrus9 takes over, and here is some feedback;

'Hope the designs will be as great as Marcela's'- Punky_Lissy

'I think it's going to be great. I always expect new things.'- Wooldoor

(That's all the opinions I could get this morning... Sorry!)

All the good projects are being sold to the people with the Stardollars, but without anything to offer to the project, or even for us. I think we can bid our goodbyes to M By Marcela. Or the great collections at least. & Say hello to stolen copyrights, idea's that we've supposedly seen before & Another failed project on Stardoll.

Opinions? Comment below.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lolita- Let's Give The Girl A Break.

Hello all dear Readers,

As you may have noticed; This Blog is dead right now.
And I am not blaming Lettie or any of the Staff whatsoever, because I know how hard it is to keep such a popular, gossip blog running on Stardoll these days when the gossip drain seems to be dried out.

But, I have come back to do a few posts... Because I don't just feel as if I can give you some good gossip sometimes, but that I also owe the Readers that I never even bothered to say goodbye too, give them what they are following this Blog for... Gossip.

So, what is the 'Hot New Gossip' today?...

Lolita Leaves!

(Picture Courtesy Of PSG)

Now, I know this subject may bore you to hell, because, let's face it... Lolita has had her leaving's and coming's constantly throughout the years... But this time, I don't know why, but I feel it is upon me and even you, the reader, to finally give the girl (Lolita) a break.

Now, you may think; Why!?

Well, let me just tell you, that after reading some of the comments stated on PSG... By anno's that were the meanest... I was just shocked of how horrible and un-sympathetic people could be.
(Click To Enlarge)

Like, seriously! Some people were just going at her, ANONYMOUSLY of how she was going to come back and that Stardoll was so addicting she couldn't leave it, and also someone Anonymously stating that they dream of her leaving and when she comes back their dream will be over...
Nu-Uh. Just stop there.
Why do this?
This is all hate. Hate.
Now, I know that I can be not the most nicest person on Earth, or at least in Dollywood and I CAN post some mean comments on Posts that I think deserve it or people I dislike; Hey, I'm not perfect!
But, if all people, even yourself reading; If you post nasty comments constantly to people on Blogger posts, then one day all you will know within yourself is hate and nastiness.

So right below the last comment right now, I posted a reassurance comment to Lolita.
I think we all don't have the willpower to just sell our 'Precious' Rares on Stardoll, leave some good people behind, And finally just get on with life how she did, so we shouldn't be making snide remarks, we should be encouraging her to finally get off this Dollywood site because, let's face it; It is addicting.

PS: If you think this Post was some ass-kissing, stupid piece of crap, then go, fly away and write a nasty comment on some post, or even on this post about Lolita or how she is this or that; Oh, why not even go under Anonymous? It will save you some hassle!
Or, if you agree with me, just leave a comment on any post made about Lolita, nice or not, giving her encouragement... Because at the end of the day, that is what we all need and ask for.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Back to Basics

Okay, my posts have been lame and I haven't been active. 

We've been as useless as the K in Knight

 So, let's get back to basics?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Admire Couture. Did It Really Fail?

After all those Blog Posts on Admire Couture, You probably have a 80% Perfect Picture on how the 'Release Party', The Collection Itself & TTT's Interesting 'Read' On Tyler's Opinion On His Media Partners Collection, Went.

Admire Couture was said to 'Fail' In bringing us what they Promised and Just NOT Delivering the 'Futuristic' Theme we were expecting... So Tyler, Straight after the Party, Released a Post on his Long, & Very... Personal? Opinion about AC's Collection.

Tyler referred AC's Collection as:

'Many Of The Pieces Look Like A Kim Kardashian Clubbing Getup'

Which as most of we know... Can be quite infuriating.

So of this 'So-Called' Constructive critisim, Sinbabee Started arguing with Tyler, & Dei when she came to Tyler's defence...

In my honest Opinion, Maybe you do not want it, But really... In what world can we be 'Constructive' And Proffessionally write referring to some Celebrity, & Critise a Person that immaturely... I don't think that is on.

Plus, Being that dis-respectful of your Media Partner... Dissing them infront of Everyone... If Tyler really wanted to tell someone what he though, Go and tell someone that will listen, And save someone the embarrasment.

So, With this Post, I am not trying to say that AC's Collection was 'Flawless' Or I loved it, And thought the Clothes were Futuristic or anything, Because I do agree that I the clothes didn't portay The Future, And the Graphics improved, But looked half-finished... I still think that people should keep to themselves, And keep your opinions sometimes on the low.
Your Opinions? Comment Below.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Stardoll's Next Top Role Model!

Yes, You Heard Right... There Is A New 'Modelling' Agency... But, WAIT! It's Not For Modelling, But For Being A Role Model?

Now This Is Something Different, And A Project That Could Go Far!

Owned By GossipGirl4Real.

Think Your The Biggest Role-Model In Stardoll History?
Click >>HERE<< To Go To The HomePage & Sign Up!

Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers,
I stopped by Blogger during Christmas Day to wish all my dear readers a very Merry Christmas & To wish everyone a great day, Whatever they may do!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas (Full Of Snow If Possible) & For everyone to Spread The Christmas Cheer!

What Are Your New Years Resolutions? Tell Us At TSJ, We Are Interested To Hear :)

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Fashion Eye Spoiler!

Hello Dear Readers,
(I Hope Lettie Does Not Mind This By The Way, Thank You Lettie)
Just Wanted To Inform You About A Brand New Project I Have Set Up, Bigger Than Any Of My Own Projects, That Goes By The Name Of: The Fashion Eye!

That Is The Spoiler At The Top ^^

I Co-Own It With One Of My Bestest Friends On Stardoll, Linnea (.Pease.) & Would Greatly Appreciate Your Support If You Post The Spoiler Above, On Blogs That You Write For As Well, If That Is Possible For You :] Thank you!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

New Admire Couture Soon!

Today it was posted on TTT (Tyler's Top Trends) that Admire Couture will be releasing a new line of clothing very soon, in February and is now will be releasing it on the most fabulous & fashion week on Stardoll... Stardoll Fashion Week!

The picture above is very beautiful and does give a hint of the future, reminding us that Admire Couture IS a new couture line and we shouldn't be too harsh on it if they do get a few things wrong the first few collections... but the 'teaser' above is very stunning, only with a few flaw's like the big tummy...

Opinions? x

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lolita goes wild!

I was just posting something to Beautybabe2's Guestbook, when I saw a comment from Lolita:
'I'm sorry to say this but your magazine has a lot of issues. Read my comments to understand what I am talking about.'

So naturally, I go on the Influental Magazine homepage, and read all the comments... when I come down to Lolita's rant on the magazine:
I checked, and yes, Lolita was right about al the accusation's she made about Influental Mag...
And sadly, she wasn't the only one pissed:

I am guessing you are getting the picture of how annoyed and angry both Wooldoor and Lolita are... do you think this will all blow over? Or do you think Influental Stardoll will be accussed more and pulled into one big drama? Comment below!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Congratulations TSJ+ Admire Magazine

Hey guys (: I am back and SO sorry for my HUGE lack of posts, but I do have a clear explanation: I was grounded and was not allowed on the computer for a week or so... So, please forgive me, but I will be back up and running with better post's then EVER!

Firstly, I would like to stay a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to The Stardoll Juice, who now have a BIG number of 444 FOLLOWERS! So, congratulation's to the owner firstly, Lettie97 & for making me so welcome on this blog, to all the writer's for posting & the biggest thank you to you reader's who made TSJ what it is today!

And secondly, Admire is releasing it's first Couture line... I am VERY excited! There seem's to be no location yet though, well, will have to wait and see (:

Monday, 8 November 2010

Starplaza Updates!

Hi TSJ readers! I hope you are all well :)
Sorry for not posting, somehow life has passed me by and it's now November (wow, it seems like last week it was Christmas...)

The Starplaza has some new updates:

There is a New Look collection out, which is ironic as the collection is mainly 20s (or so I think) based and is very nice. Clothes such as the Black Flapper Dress (ideal if you like the flapper look) have returned to the Starplaza and are in the Archive shop. However, they are all Superstar, so, Non Superstars looking to recreate the 20s look or any vintage look at all can browse the Decades collection, there are some good clothes that can help you recreate the vintage look from the 50s, 70s or even 20s!

The Tingeling Halloween Couture collection is on sale! To find it you can go to the Tingeling store, it is there. All clothes/accessories are 50% off, which, is a good deal! Like all Starplaza sales, they are for Superstars only. Be quick, you don't know how long the store will last until! Buy all items you want because I am sure that the Starbazaar prices will be very expensive, especially the stunning Dark Floral Dress Insp. By Dior dress, which was $40 but is now $20.

Like nature? Then look at the new Garden Variety store. Stardoll have released headbands, earrings etc with flowers on them. Prices range from $5-$6, and are all non Superstar. Personally I like them, I think they're cute and I love the pink flower headband. Are you going to buy an item? Do you like them?

-Charlotte :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

New SS doll

There is a new SS doll, it is Anna Wintour, the sencond dress-up of her.