Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have a spooky Halloween and sorry this is a late greeting: But you can still fit in some scares :P

Forever Chic Magazine Released!

Forever Chic Magazine has released, and the stunning covergirl gracing the cover is no other than: Findurlove, Maggie!

The article's are intruiging, the models are envious, and the graphics could do with some more effort, but still are very nice.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lolita Returns?

I just got a friend request of Lolita (Miss_LolitaF) saying she might come back and she is only adding close friends. I am touch she has chosen me as one of them.

Lolita if you can see this ....... PLEASE COME BACK!

Izzy x

Friday, 29 October 2010

Finally, Stardoll surprises me in a good way...

...and I am not talking about 80 million members offer where you get half of money back that you spend during weekend, up to 40 free sd. I am talking about new doll. Yeah, you heard it, it is Katerina Graham, aka Bonnie Bennet from very popular TV show 'The Vampire Diaries'!
Yup, she her doll doesn't really looks like her in real life, but hey, I can't complain. I wish though they made dolls of Nina, or Ian, maybe Paul.. (Elena, Damon, Stefan), but oh well, at least they think of us a bit.. Thank you Stardoll!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lipstick Magazine, by Lizs is out .... quicker than a flame.

This magazine is smokin' hot.

Click -> Here <- to see the magazine !

My Review:

Graphics: 10/10 - Love them.
Writing: 10/10 Amazing! Great English.
Improvement: Nothing!
Total Score: 10/10

This magazine is amazing! I love how they focus on bullying and make school cool. They put fashion, school, bullying, friendship and style into one thing and it worked well!
This magazine is sprinting ahead in the magazine race. Good Luck for the future because it looks bright!


The Team:

Amazing Talent!


Forever Chic Magazine Invite!

(Click to en-large picture)

Forever Chic Magazine has released it's invite for the new fall 2010 edition of the Mag, and I am VERY excited.
The invite looks stunning and the medoll is flawless on the invite... will you be attending?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Offers For Stardollars!

Finally some offers have been added to the Offers page!
To find the Offers page - Go to your My Page. Then click on My Account and look for Offers.

The offers include downloading a translation app, an emoticon/wink etc (sorry for the poor use of MSN technology, I haven't used MSN in years xD) buying a phonics kit for children - for 150 Stardollars - though admittedly you do have to pay for this whereas the other offers you don't...
You can earn 5 - 150 stardollars, though it's mainly 5 Stardollars - but that isn't too bad as you can always download it then delete it!

What do you think? Are you going to use the offers?


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sorry for lack of posts + Donna Magazine!

Hey everybody :)
I am VERY sorry for the lack of posts, but I haven't been feeling very well for the past week, and haven't been on the computer enough to post anything.
But now, I am feeling MUCH better, and would like to continue posting daily, after this short loack of posts.

So, Donna Magazine has made it's official release, and had more publicity then EVER, because of all the advertising and countless Stardollians attending the release party!

The cover looks flawless, and very well done, with Covergirl Marcela gracing the cover!

Click HERE to read the 7th official issue of Donna Magazine!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

And I thought it was over..

Long ago, I used to own account VampLady, and there I used to collect rares such as mka, lottos, rc, etc... And there was a lot of buying, selling, trading. Of course, when it comes to a sale/trade, there is always risk of scammers, liers, fakers, etc.. It was real challenge finding persons who want to sell or trade good stuff, and do not scam. A lot of stress, when you expect other side to put up the item you want, when you wait for her/him to reply on chat when is online, to watch out that no one other gets it instead of you or person you are selling to. Anyway, it was way to much problematic, and stressful.
Maybe that is one of the reasons I decided to sell that account and retire on this account. Only a few rares, none of them worth trading, I had much less rare clothes to sell so I had much less
stardollars, and so I couldn't buy anymore clothes over 500 stardollars. And just when I thought that everything was easier, the new owner came to me offering to sell me my twilight design from my old account, for 2 stardollars each. She is really wonderful person, and I was really grateful for that. But when she started selling them, I felt a dejavu.Again I was refreshing all the time in order to get stuff before anyone else (some of those designs are really rare now), anxious, and by the end, I ran out of stardollars, but she kept putting items up, so I had to ask her to stop selling stuff. She was sweetheart once again, and bought few valuable clothes from my bazaar, so I could get more twilight designs. At the end, it all came out well, and I was kind of glad to go through good old times once again. Yes, it was stressful, but if it's not, what's fun?

Very cheap hot buy!

Superstars, rush over to the 'plaza now! The Hot Buys Wool Top is only for $1! It must be a glitch, so make sure you hurry! It's one of my fave HBs of the month, so I'm glad it's only for $1 :)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Favorite stuff on Stardoll

We all like shopping on Stardoll. Admit it, you can never have enough clothes, you always need more. But there are also some stuff in our closets which we like to wear most. They do not necessarily need to be DKNY, or MKA, lottery dress or something rare and expensive. It can be simple dress with nice design, pair of simple but cute shoes. Like mine favorites. Check them out:
Favorite shoes: Rio chica shoes.
They are simple, but something in their color, or designs, is what attracts me.
Favorite accessory: Jessica bag.
It is really nice designed, it has good detail, and that is what attracts me.
And finally, my favorite dress: Fallen silk dress.
Yeah, it is rare, I haven't seen it in anyone elses bazaar or suite and I have been visiting bazaars for about 3 years. But it is the shape that attracts me. It looks so elegant, and still gothic. I just adore it.

So that was from me, now tell me, what are your favorite clothes? Post screenshots in comments if possible. Thanks.

Starplaza Updates

Hi TSJ readers!
I was looking in the Starplaza earlier today when I noticed that there were a pair of armwarmers in the 'New' section of the search bar. Fine, I thought. But I noticed that it didn't actually belong in a real store - there was a symbol of the 70,000,000 (or other millions such as 40,000,000 etc) members instead!
But, Stardoll only has 78,849,165 members (wow! as if I've just said only 78,849,165 members...well done Stardoll!)so it can't be due to that...though I'm pretty sure it won't be long until we hit 80,000, what could it be?
What do you think?

And, PPQ is on sale, so, Superstars, if you like an item of PPQ and haven't bought it yet, buy it! Don't leave it too late because they will soon go and then you might have to pay very highly for them!


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stardoll Sense Blog!

Browsing Stardoll, I am surprised you haven't come across this amazing blog:

Stardoll Sense!

This blog is full of life, fun & fashion, so be sure to follow and comment as soon as you go on the blog's homepage!

Stardoll Opera Mystery

Recently Stardoll introduced to us The Opera Mystery. I am not sure what will come out in the end, but for now it is great, since we are getting free gifts everyday. There is also message that reveals letter by letter each day. It should say something like this: '4 keys reveal the opera mystery' , even it started like '4 keys open...' . So far, gifts were great, and can have a good use in your suite. Also, this is Halloween month, so I guess that's why Stardoll gave us this.
What do you thin about it? Do you like the gifts you get? And what are you expecting in the end?

A few updates!

I'm sorry that I've been inactive this week - I've been away and I've been busy with school and have been very tired. I will be posting more from this week and onwards.

Faux.fuchsia has left this blog and Stardoll, leaving us a DKNY piece to give away as a prize for a competition. Thanks, goodbye and good luck!

As we now have a DKNY piece, a BIG COMPETITION will start this week! Stay tuned dollies!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lipstick Magazine Spoiler

Official spoiler for Lipstick Magazine!

Stardoll's Most Hated Website are now official sponsers of the magazine!

Hungry for more? :D

Friday, 15 October 2010

New Tingeling Floor Added!

Sorry I don't have my usual picture on, I can't find it anywhere! My apologies, I will save it again soon.

Anyway, Stardoll have added a new floor of clothes in the Tingeling store in the Starplaza. It is part of the Pleather Please collection Stardoll are currently selling. Unfortunately for non Superstar fans, the clothes are all Superstar except for the leggings (at $7), but the accessories are all non Superstar. Personally, my favourite item is the Maroon Pleather Heels at $5. They're funky :)

By the way, is anyone else really getting into the Opera Mystery campaign? I actually look forward to seeing what the next letter says in case I can figure it out xD

-Charlotte (chopper9)

Tyler's Designs

If I be totally honest, I am not one to trash some-one's designs, that they worked hard on, but honestly, this is an amazing, possibly 'mosiac' inspired design, that has been selling like cookies and hot chocolate on a cold winter day!

The designs use a variety of patterns and colors, that are really eye-catching and finsih off an outfit with no flaws... it's always fun to have a bit of extravagance in your designs.
The purple and yellow really compliment each other well, and the purple is a really good choice for a base, when a yellow is a good color to use for the pattern.

No bit is boring, and once I am SS, I am going to definitely buy there pair of tights... Job well done, Tyler!

Glow Magazine Spoiler!

Wow! This new spoiler for Glow magazine, now known as 'G' Magazine, has really impressed me!
It's not nothing EXTRAVAGANT, but catches your eye and stands out a lot!
The background is pretty simple, but in a lighter shade of the dress, which looks absolutely stunning!

Apperantly this issue is coming out in November, so, a bit of time left and we will be reading 'G-Magazine!' :D

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bye Bye Lolita (once again)


TSS- Looks like this:

Her Presentation and her latest comment is like this:

She is right though, dolly life is taken over us..... my friends and I hardly see each-other because of this and Lolita is 17! Isn't people who are nearly adults or who are adults a bit immature to be dressing up dollies?

Original Post:

This may be it...... Lolita has left the dolly building.

On TSS (The Stardoll Shiner) she has left her last words as a post :

If you cannot see it try clicking it (to enlarge)

Otherwise, it says:

This is the last post every here on the blog, goodbye everyone!

I have decided to leave Stardoll & all things that have to do with it. I already gave Stardoll a lot of my time, of my effort, of my money & positive energy.



...Electra.... said...

Okay, Lolita, see you tomorrow, like the last time when you left. (:

Conii said...

Nooooooooooooooooooo! ;(

Hotangel9 said...

No :(

And she had replied to my guestbook comment but all I got was this when I clicked her name:

But is this the last time we will see Lolita?

Or is this for GOOD?

Or.... is it another moment?

What do YOU think?

Is she pulling our leg?

Comment ;D

Izzy x

Hotangel9, writer for The Stardoll Juice.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Cover looking for a Covergirl & Illusion Modelling Agency!

Hey everyone (: I am SO sorry for the lack of posts, but gossip has been running slow these days... but, now it's picking up again, and I have come back a '2-in-1' if you like, stating 2 new 'competitions' going on right now....

So, first peice of gossip I would like to announce to you, Modelinia On Stardoll blog, the sister site of COVER Magazine, posted that they are looking for a Covergirl for COVER magazine's new issue, hopefully coming out soon.
So, if you are interested in becoming the 'next big thing' in Stardoll magazines, click >>HERE<<, where you, in the comments, can post why YOU should be chosen to be the face of COVER.

And the second peice of gossip, is that Illusion , the newest modelling agency on Stardoll, are up and running, and if you would like to join the competition to win it, go >>HERE<<.

Here is the following of what the owner written on the modelling agencies presentation:

for now we are in the midst of creating a huge competition which will

include features in well known stardoll magazines, rares, stardollars
and numerous features throughout the rest of the website, and as if
that wasn't enough, you will also recieve the title of Stardoll's Most
Beautiful, and also win an entire wardrobe chosen for you
by the
stylish owners."

Illusion is obviously aiming to achieve the best, so, join today before it's too late (:


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Skittles... Yummy (:

The next yummy, new collection of M By Marcela has come... and the theme is:



The picture say's it all.
M By Marcela is SO successful and popular with the Stardollians, that the whole ready-made collection has sold out!

M By Marcela is on top now, but will it be for long?
Comment with your opinions!
And an AWESOME thank you to Rascal313 for her hard work on my writer's signature, she is awesome and to go to her graphics blog, click >>HERE<<!

Lara stone doll

New ss doll, she is called Lara Stone and she is a model.
sasha x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Free Barbie T-Shirt

For UK Stardoll users (or so I believe, please notify me if you can get it outside the UK) you can earn a Barbie T-Shirt by entering a competition.
However, the free gift is only for the first 10,000 entrants so please, if you want the free t-shirt, then enter!
The competition is for a portable DVD player, a Barbie A Fashion Fairytale DVD and Fashion Fairytale toys.

Not the most teenage friendly competition, but nevertheless, it's still a good competition! However, I can't particularly see myself using the T-Shirt for an outfit of mine therefore I don't think I will enter the competition myself. What about YOU? Will you get it? Do you like the T-Shirt?


Diva By Gwen

Diva By Gwen is a new fashion line by Diva6762.
It promises something exciting, something new, so, if you would like to visit their homepage and become followers, click >>HERE<<!

PS: I will have a Halloween writers signature done by Rascal313 tonight, which I will use after all my posts this October! :D

Thursday, 7 October 2010

MONSTER Magazine...


I'm going to be away all weekend, so no posts for 3 days. Bye for now :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lipstick Magazine Review

Lipstick Magazine Review

Just about on Stardoll Fashion Week, Lipstick magazine officially released and impressed me with the intriuging articles, spell-bounding covergirl & flawless graphics.

Once you see the cover of Lipstick magazine, it just kind of pulls you into the magazine, and it's highly decorated, fashionable pages.
The theme of : Lipstick Red Carpet was really original, full of life, representing the actual fact of Stardoll itself... everyone trying to reach stardom, trying to walk on the Red Carpet... just like the Elites' had the chance to do.

Lisz, the owner of Lipstick magazine said in her letter that she thought Lipstick was more than just a magazine trying to reach the top, but a community of people by just reading the magazine, which really impressed me and I felt even more happy to be part of that 'community' and have the honor to read the magazine.

Since the last issue, the graphics have REALLY stepped up and are bolder and brighter now... and, may I say: A LOT more elegant and vibrant.
All the Elites' looked AMAZINGLY stunning in their couture attire.

Whoever made all the dresses for the Stardollians attending the high class event obviously not only had style, but also an inspiration. I mean, how could you make such beauties with nothing to inspire you?

Everything was perfect, but when I read the interview with Nmka4eva1, I sensed a bit of pulling back with Charlotte's answers... either the interviewer wasn't asking the right questions, or Charlie just wasn't in the mood?

So, down to my favourite thing about the magazine:
Lipstick NEVER lost focus.
Even after all the Red Carpet bussiness, it continued on fashion and clothes, and not loosing focus and loosing the plot in the middle of the magazine.

Great Magazine, Best of 2010 so far!

News Survey

I received a message from Stardoll asking me to take part in a survey.
I did, and after typing my email address in, I found that it was about "News".

You know, news in general? If you watch news channels, what type of news interests you in general, and most interestingly, which 3 news subjects would you want to write about if you were to write about the news over the Internet. Plus, whether you'd like to take part in news reporting.

Could this mean that Stardoll are wanting to have its own news channel? That'd be certainly interesting! Would YOU like to take part in this news channel? Comment!

Hey! Don't forget to join our Stardoll club TheSDJuice!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Opera Mystery October ?

I don't fully understand this, but I've been getting gifts in my sites, and stuff to do with keys. I'll keep you updated on this x

Juicy Talent


Such creative!

Have you got any talents?

Guestbook me -> Hotangel9 :D