Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introduction Post!

Hi, TSJ readers! I'm Charlotte, or chopper9 on Stardoll! Some of you may remember me from before TSJ closed temporarily. Well, I've been selected to re-write again, which is so great! I've missed TSJ so much, and Lettie (Lettie97) too! Lettie is an amazing friend on Stardoll, I love her a lot! + her Ben obsession which we share :D

Anyway, I'll bring you news about Stardoll, plus tips etc on anything regarding Stardoll, or life in general! (add me for that. It makes me feel smart :D)

So, then, here's my first update!

Front Row has a new section - Front Row Milan. Front Row is fashion from Fashion Week - in London, New York and Milan, which is currently on now. Milan is mainly full of dresses, however there is a Ring Embellished Jacket too. All bags and shoes are Non-SS, however every dress + jacket (with the exception of the Fringe Shift - underneath the jacket)
Prices range from $6 (for the ring purse) to $16 for the Red Satin & Lace Shift and the green Ruffle Dress.

Another new update to the Starplaza is Gamezone. This is for your Suite, and is a mixture between SS and Non-SS! YAY. =D It has furniture such as chairs shaped like Pacman, Pacman photos and tables, futuristic furniture and also record themed cushions. The price range is $3 for wall stickers to $17 for a Panda themed...thing. Yeah.