Sunday, 3 October 2010

The A-Z of Stardoll - C is for 'covergirl'

C is for 'covergirl'

Everyone wants to be it, boy or girl, superstar or non-superstar. Yes that's it, the covergirl/boy.

Covergirls have been on Stardoll since I've been a member (three years) and people have always wanted to be the medoll on the cover of the Stardoll magazine. But back when I joined Stardoll, people didn't send out loads of broadcasts or promise to give SS codes, rares etc.

Now that Stardoll is much bigger and nearing a remarkable 80 million members, people send out about 500 broadcasts just to be covergirl. No one apart from the big money spenders get to be covergirl.

Have you ever wanted to be covergirl? Have you ever been covergirl? Comment!
Any guesses what D could be? See you tomorrow ;)


VampireLady33/Milena said...

I won once on chinese sd, but yeah, I always wanted to be one, but I never really liked to spend thousands of stardollars for it, not worth it

Chopper9 said...

I haven't! I used to want to be Covergirl, but then when I helped my friend on her campaign to become CG (she ended up in 3rd place) I realised how stressful it is and money wasting. Plus, when she didn't become CG, the feeling of failure and sadness was a bit much, so yeah...I'm happy just being a quiet, non CG winning member :D

faux.fuchsia said...

I much prefered the ribbons than the trophies. If they hadn't switched the awards I would run for CG.

Rachweee123 said...

I have won covergirl :)
I won it when the covergirl craze first started and yeah, I was so happy when I won but it is not worth the 2000 sd I spent.