Tuesday, 19 October 2010

And I thought it was over..

Long ago, I used to own account VampLady, and there I used to collect rares such as mka, lottos, rc, etc... And there was a lot of buying, selling, trading. Of course, when it comes to a sale/trade, there is always risk of scammers, liers, fakers, etc.. It was real challenge finding persons who want to sell or trade good stuff, and do not scam. A lot of stress, when you expect other side to put up the item you want, when you wait for her/him to reply on chat when is online, to watch out that no one other gets it instead of you or person you are selling to. Anyway, it was way to much problematic, and stressful.
Maybe that is one of the reasons I decided to sell that account and retire on this account. Only a few rares, none of them worth trading, I had much less rare clothes to sell so I had much less
stardollars, and so I couldn't buy anymore clothes over 500 stardollars. And just when I thought that everything was easier, the new owner came to me offering to sell me my twilight design from my old account, for 2 stardollars each. She is really wonderful person, and I was really grateful for that. But when she started selling them, I felt a dejavu.Again I was refreshing all the time in order to get stuff before anyone else (some of those designs are really rare now), anxious, and by the end, I ran out of stardollars, but she kept putting items up, so I had to ask her to stop selling stuff. She was sweetheart once again, and bought few valuable clothes from my bazaar, so I could get more twilight designs. At the end, it all came out well, and I was kind of glad to go through good old times once again. Yes, it was stressful, but if it's not, what's fun?

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