Monday, 11 October 2010

Cover looking for a Covergirl & Illusion Modelling Agency!

Hey everyone (: I am SO sorry for the lack of posts, but gossip has been running slow these days... but, now it's picking up again, and I have come back a '2-in-1' if you like, stating 2 new 'competitions' going on right now....

So, first peice of gossip I would like to announce to you, Modelinia On Stardoll blog, the sister site of COVER Magazine, posted that they are looking for a Covergirl for COVER magazine's new issue, hopefully coming out soon.
So, if you are interested in becoming the 'next big thing' in Stardoll magazines, click >>HERE<<, where you, in the comments, can post why YOU should be chosen to be the face of COVER.

And the second peice of gossip, is that Illusion , the newest modelling agency on Stardoll, are up and running, and if you would like to join the competition to win it, go >>HERE<<.

Here is the following of what the owner written on the modelling agencies presentation:

for now we are in the midst of creating a huge competition which will

include features in well known stardoll magazines, rares, stardollars
and numerous features throughout the rest of the website, and as if
that wasn't enough, you will also recieve the title of Stardoll's Most
Beautiful, and also win an entire wardrobe chosen for you
by the
stylish owners."

Illusion is obviously aiming to achieve the best, so, join today before it's too late (:


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