Friday, 15 October 2010

New Tingeling Floor Added!

Sorry I don't have my usual picture on, I can't find it anywhere! My apologies, I will save it again soon.

Anyway, Stardoll have added a new floor of clothes in the Tingeling store in the Starplaza. It is part of the Pleather Please collection Stardoll are currently selling. Unfortunately for non Superstar fans, the clothes are all Superstar except for the leggings (at $7), but the accessories are all non Superstar. Personally, my favourite item is the Maroon Pleather Heels at $5. They're funky :)

By the way, is anyone else really getting into the Opera Mystery campaign? I actually look forward to seeing what the next letter says in case I can figure it out xD

-Charlotte (chopper9)

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