Monday, 4 October 2010

October Hot Buys & Wild Candy

The October hot buys have been previewed in the magazine and I'm impressed. They are probably the best hot buys I've seen in a long time. They are all cute and perfect for the October weather. I love them all! It's definitely the month to become an SS!

Here are the release dates:
1) October 5th - Hotbuys Skull Earring
2) October 7th - Hotbuys Lace Top
3) October 9th - Hotbuys Leaher Bag
4) October 14th - Hotbuys Puff Dress
5) October 16th - Hotbuys Wool Sweater
6) October 18th - Hotbuys Wooden Heels
7) October 19th - Hotbuys Wool Top
8) October 21st - Hotbuys Faux Fur Bolero
9) October 24th - Hotbuys Purple Skirt
10) October 28th - Hotbuys Mitten
What do you think about this months HBs? What are your favourites?

Also, a new shop, Wild Candy, has been opened in the 'plaza. Everything is non-superstar, quite expensive and very cute. What do you think? Will you be buying anything?

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