Sunday, 3 October 2010

Recherche Magazine Review

Recherche magazine released yesterday as part of Stardoll Fashion Week, and wowed us all with their global theme.

The first cover-boy of Recherche graced the cover, with his sun-kissed skin and twinkling eyes, but with clothes that don't show a cultural style and Nojarama wearing a suit? Something doesn't fit...

The graphics were stunning, and the make-up was eccentric and bright, showing the amazing features of the face.
The clothes were cultural, representing all different styles that make up the fashion world.

All the articles I've read were really pulling me into the story and words.
The writers knew what they were talking about, and the exotic styles they talked about really impressed me how international Stardoll is, and that we should all show how we see fashion through our eyes.

Recherche team wrote an article about what to pack at travelling to different places, helping us be effiecent, but knowing when we need some designer labels to help us out.
Over-all, the theme was the most original I have seen in ages, and it is always re-assuring to know how much we all respect each other and where we come from.

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