Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lolita goes wild!

I was just posting something to Beautybabe2's Guestbook, when I saw a comment from Lolita:
'I'm sorry to say this but your magazine has a lot of issues. Read my comments to understand what I am talking about.'

So naturally, I go on the Influental Magazine homepage, and read all the comments... when I come down to Lolita's rant on the magazine:
I checked, and yes, Lolita was right about al the accusation's she made about Influental Mag...
And sadly, she wasn't the only one pissed:

I am guessing you are getting the picture of how annoyed and angry both Wooldoor and Lolita are... do you think this will all blow over? Or do you think Influental Stardoll will be accussed more and pulled into one big drama? Comment below!

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Wooldoor said...

She deleted it now lmao.