Saturday, 2 July 2011

She Is Back... M By Marcela; Sold?

Hellooo! Wow, it's been ages, hasn't it? I will answer that for you- Yes it has been a very very long time. I guess I owe you readers an apology, or on the other hand, maybe I don't... I mean, I stopped posting because the Owner just quit the blog, left the massive amount of followers, the writers just went on off-mode & Never posted, so this blog has obviously been dormant for the past... Wow, yes, 7 months. How time flies really. I remember when I used to post on The Stardoll Juice weekly. I felt like a small part of the blog, only a writer. That the blog didn't revolve around me, because there were so many followers & The owner had all the lime-light. Now that's changed I guess. I mean, I am the only writer left, as I see it. No one is coming back on the blog. It's basically been abandoned, long story short.But, don't fear; The Gossip Gal is back. Lame name? I know. But I needed something, I guess.

So, let's not waste time chatting about things that don't need much explanation, all we need to do is to get back in the habit of The Stardoll Juice providing you with the latest gossip, exclusive's & Interesting reads. Come on all, let's start reading & Get back to the top of the gossip charts. So...
What is the gossip of today? M By Marcela, is sold.
Yes, sold! As we all know, M By Marcela is a huge project owned by .Marcela.. on Stardoll, and it has gradually become one of the most respected & Popular Starbazzar fashion lines. So, obviously, everyone is just asking themselves; Why would she want to sell it? She was making bags of Stardollars from these collections. & The biggest question of all; Why would she sell it to the hacker, the person that steals a bit from every successful project on Stardoll for himself... Basically a famewhore, MizzMileyCyrus9 (Or formally known since the Radio Perez last night; MizzMileyVirus9!)?! It doesn't just boggle our minds, but makes us question how desperate Marcela is for the money and... Is she maybe broke? Uh-Oh.

I asked a few fellow Stardollians on what their opinion on the whole situation is & What do they think the project will turn out as after MizzMileyCyrus9 takes over, and here is some feedback;

'Hope the designs will be as great as Marcela's'- Punky_Lissy

'I think it's going to be great. I always expect new things.'- Wooldoor

(That's all the opinions I could get this morning... Sorry!)

All the good projects are being sold to the people with the Stardollars, but without anything to offer to the project, or even for us. I think we can bid our goodbyes to M By Marcela. Or the great collections at least. & Say hello to stolen copyrights, idea's that we've supposedly seen before & Another failed project on Stardoll.

Opinions? Comment below.

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