Saturday, 2 October 2010

The A-Z of Stardoll - B is for 'blogs'

B is for 'blogs'

It all kicked off with Stardoll's Most Hated Website, Perez Hilton Of Stardoll, back in the summer of 2008.

Everyone loved the famous blog and decided to take a shot at blogging themselves. Hundreds of Stardoll blogs were then created, some becoming unexpectedly famous and some not getting very famous at all. Some blogs were for gossip, some for spoilers, some for fashion. There was a blog for everything. Blogging was the latest buzz.

In 2009, everything cooled down. Many bloggers were giving up, shutting down. Only some blogs stayed standing, and some of them are still running today.

There's of course, The Stardoll Insiders, the blog full of free things and cheats.

There's also Stardoll's Most Wanted, home of amazing competitions and fashion.

And of course there's this blog. It all started as a solo blog in July 2008, when the 'big blog buzz' was about and then I hired writers and the blog got bigger and bigger.

I hope you're enjoying The A-Z of Stardoll, please leave feedback in the comments.
See you tomorrow, for letter C. Any guesses what it could be? Comment! :)


VampireLady33/Milena said...

c is for clubs I think :)

Chopper9 said...

c is for charlotte :)

haha I'm kidding...

I think it's clubs too :D

Lettie97 said...

Charlotte would be an awesome one, yes :D
You'll see... ;)

moonlight_22 said...

C could be for Callie.. XD

so are you going to do like x and q and z... seeing as theyre hard ones..

Lettie97 said...

I'm gonna try =P