Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Surprise- Ostentatious Review

Ostentatious Review

The collection really went by it's own words: A REAL SURPRISE!

Ostentatious was created by Alice Fare, who shocked us all with her Asian-inspired collection that used a variety of unique and eye-catching colors that embraced the slim figures in the most spontaneous way.

All the clothes weren't the most colorful with bright colors, but the redish-browns and equisit yellow's were perfect for the Asian theme.
The long dresses graced the floor, flowing in the most gentle way imaginable, making you notice the thick, simple shoes that made all the thin material dresses look stunning.

The only un-impressive thing are the bodies that wore the amazing clothes.
I think that Ostentatious fashion line sent out the wrong message of how stick thin models should be to actually work the beauty's well, and the stick figures were sick looking and not the graphics I hoped for.

Over-all, the collection wowed me and was really original, with an inspirational idea.

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Lettie97 said...

Some graphic designers are amazing. How do they do it? Sometimes they are better than Stardoll's graphics. The models are verrrry thin though, too thin !