Friday, 1 October 2010

The A-Z of Stardoll - A is for 'album'

The A-Z of Stardoll
Everyday that I can, I will post a letter of the alphabet and the letter will represent one thing to do with Stardoll. For example, S- Stardollars, D- Dolls. It will have pictures of it, a description, history and more. I hope you like this feature and the other features that will soon come your way.

A is for 'album'
You either use it or you don't. You're either really good at it or you're not. Yes, that's it - your own Stardoll album. You can save your medoll, other medolls and dressed up dolls in there. Along with text, stickers, clothes, furniture etc. You can decorate it the way you want! It's great for people who like to be creative and it's also great to use as your own Stardoll magazine. And if you're really good at designing your album, you can also win the 'best album' prize and be featured in The Star Blog.

Over the years, the album design page has changed.
This is how the album looked in 2008/9:

This is how the album looked before 'the big makeover':

And this is how it looks now:

What are your opinions on albums on Stardoll? Do you use it often? What do you use it for? Think you have a good album? Share it in the comments!

Bye for now, see you next time! :)


Chopper9 said...

lmao, I remember when you saved a doll you had to comment on it before it could be saved xDD

hmm, what could B be? :)

Lettie97 said...

Oh yeah, LOL :P

Lettie97 said...

When I commented I'd just put 'akaksksioa' or something (I do that when saving files too :P) and when it was in my album it looked stupid so I had to do it all over again and put something like 'cute dress!' XD