Friday, 1 October 2010

Not really their designs....?

Well, I was just reading the latest posts on blogs, and Stardoll's Most Hated Website posted about the latest fashion line on SFW, Fantasy Couture, and how dissapointing it was.
So, I saw there was one comment, and checked it out to find this:Of course I was curious to what secretness this link held... So, I checked it out to find this:

Is what I was seeing true.... Ok, if you still don't understand, Baya posted something about SFW a few days ago as well, and got the same mysterious anonymous reply as before:

Is the amazing fashion line, by LilyRose (Doinker_Chic) a FAKE?
Did they just get their ideas from real images... and just adjusted them in graphics not giving a hint of their real secret...? Humm, this matter is quite interesting.