Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bye Bye Lolita (once again)


TSS- Looks like this:

Her Presentation and her latest comment is like this:

She is right though, dolly life is taken over us..... my friends and I hardly see each-other because of this and Lolita is 17! Isn't people who are nearly adults or who are adults a bit immature to be dressing up dollies?

Original Post:

This may be it...... Lolita has left the dolly building.

On TSS (The Stardoll Shiner) she has left her last words as a post :

If you cannot see it try clicking it (to enlarge)

Otherwise, it says:

This is the last post every here on the blog, goodbye everyone!

I have decided to leave Stardoll & all things that have to do with it. I already gave Stardoll a lot of my time, of my effort, of my money & positive energy.



...Electra.... said...

Okay, Lolita, see you tomorrow, like the last time when you left. (:

Conii said...

Nooooooooooooooooooo! ;(

Hotangel9 said...

No :(

And she had replied to my guestbook comment but all I got was this when I clicked her name:

But is this the last time we will see Lolita?

Or is this for GOOD?

Or.... is it another moment?

What do YOU think?

Is she pulling our leg?

Comment ;D

Izzy x

Hotangel9, writer for The Stardoll Juice.


moonlight_22 said...

Im 19 and i "play" on stardoll.. but really is stardoll about "playing" anymore..
Its a bit like facebook.. you are connecting with people and really who cares how old a person is.


Lettie97 said...

Her account is now back..hhmmm..