Friday, 1 October 2010

The E Empire Review

The E Empire
The E Empire came out and blew our vivid imaginations away, by miles. The cutting edge graphics, the clothes you would crave to hang on your wardrobe door, and the eccentric colors that hugged the models to-die-for image, were only part of the fashion line, we call: The E Empire.

The whole collection only consisted of 6 pieces, with an Egyptian feel to some of the clothes...creating an elegant look for the outfit.
The bags that matched some of the creations, were simple, but finished the look off perfectly, without being too much of an eye-catcher, but still having their own part in the outfit.

All the collection was made by Evita.Sweet, who said the following words about the designs:

'Autumn is a combination of different colors. They are intense and beautiful. In my collection are clothes in the colors of autumn leaves, and cool colors. I am inspired by clothes from 50s and 60s, but there are also modern and classical elements. The style of my collection is feminine and elegant and there are a lot of floral motifs.'

Everything was flawless, including the clothes, except for the clothing line getting a lot of queries about the graphics, and even Tylerisbold said in TTT, his famous blog, that someone was kind of impatient and rushed the graphics on the face, which I mildly agree on, because the faces to me did not resemble the models faces, not giving us a hint of the rightful beauties.

Over-all, The E Empire was a HUGE hit, with 6 stunning outfits to make the collection shine.
Of course, another un-forgettable fashion line for the most talked about week and event of the year: Stardoll Fashion Week.

What did YOU think of the collection? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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