Friday, 1 October 2010

SS for a day works today!

Yesterday's fiasco regarding the email link to "SS for a day" not working has been rectified. However, this time it is when you log in to your Stardoll account, not an email from your email account. Which is good. This means, for a day, utterly free, you can be a Superstar and buy SS clothes!
Unfortunately, as the link didn't work yesterday, and it is the 1st (white rabbits guys!) the 50% off sale has gone and you CANNOT buy items from the Starbazaar or sell clothes. I've tried it, and when you click to buy, an advert to buy Superstar appears.
You can broadcast though! I've just seen a broadcast saying "vintage vampire" ooh, if it's Edward Cullen, I'll buy it! xD

I've used the free SS to buy all the clothes I wanted in the Starplaza. 26 items and 200 stardollars later, I had to reduce it. 11 items left, and 90$ the new total, I bought it, as you can see in the image above^^ Ahh, I love being superstar :)

-Charlotte/chopper9 x

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Lettie97 said...

I got it. No StarBazaar though:/