Monday, 18 October 2010

Favorite stuff on Stardoll

We all like shopping on Stardoll. Admit it, you can never have enough clothes, you always need more. But there are also some stuff in our closets which we like to wear most. They do not necessarily need to be DKNY, or MKA, lottery dress or something rare and expensive. It can be simple dress with nice design, pair of simple but cute shoes. Like mine favorites. Check them out:
Favorite shoes: Rio chica shoes.
They are simple, but something in their color, or designs, is what attracts me.
Favorite accessory: Jessica bag.
It is really nice designed, it has good detail, and that is what attracts me.
And finally, my favorite dress: Fallen silk dress.
Yeah, it is rare, I haven't seen it in anyone elses bazaar or suite and I have been visiting bazaars for about 3 years. But it is the shape that attracts me. It looks so elegant, and still gothic. I just adore it.

So that was from me, now tell me, what are your favorite clothes? Post screenshots in comments if possible. Thanks.

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