Monday, 18 October 2010

Starplaza Updates

Hi TSJ readers!
I was looking in the Starplaza earlier today when I noticed that there were a pair of armwarmers in the 'New' section of the search bar. Fine, I thought. But I noticed that it didn't actually belong in a real store - there was a symbol of the 70,000,000 (or other millions such as 40,000,000 etc) members instead!
But, Stardoll only has 78,849,165 members (wow! as if I've just said only 78,849,165 members...well done Stardoll!)so it can't be due to that...though I'm pretty sure it won't be long until we hit 80,000, what could it be?
What do you think?

And, PPQ is on sale, so, Superstars, if you like an item of PPQ and haven't bought it yet, buy it! Don't leave it too late because they will soon go and then you might have to pay very highly for them!


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