Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lipstick Magazine Review

Lipstick Magazine Review

Just about on Stardoll Fashion Week, Lipstick magazine officially released and impressed me with the intriuging articles, spell-bounding covergirl & flawless graphics.

Once you see the cover of Lipstick magazine, it just kind of pulls you into the magazine, and it's highly decorated, fashionable pages.
The theme of : Lipstick Red Carpet was really original, full of life, representing the actual fact of Stardoll itself... everyone trying to reach stardom, trying to walk on the Red Carpet... just like the Elites' had the chance to do.

Lisz, the owner of Lipstick magazine said in her letter that she thought Lipstick was more than just a magazine trying to reach the top, but a community of people by just reading the magazine, which really impressed me and I felt even more happy to be part of that 'community' and have the honor to read the magazine.

Since the last issue, the graphics have REALLY stepped up and are bolder and brighter now... and, may I say: A LOT more elegant and vibrant.
All the Elites' looked AMAZINGLY stunning in their couture attire.

Whoever made all the dresses for the Stardollians attending the high class event obviously not only had style, but also an inspiration. I mean, how could you make such beauties with nothing to inspire you?

Everything was perfect, but when I read the interview with Nmka4eva1, I sensed a bit of pulling back with Charlotte's answers... either the interviewer wasn't asking the right questions, or Charlie just wasn't in the mood?

So, down to my favourite thing about the magazine:
Lipstick NEVER lost focus.
Even after all the Red Carpet bussiness, it continued on fashion and clothes, and not loosing focus and loosing the plot in the middle of the magazine.

Great Magazine, Best of 2010 so far!

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