Wednesday, 6 October 2010

News Survey

I received a message from Stardoll asking me to take part in a survey.
I did, and after typing my email address in, I found that it was about "News".

You know, news in general? If you watch news channels, what type of news interests you in general, and most interestingly, which 3 news subjects would you want to write about if you were to write about the news over the Internet. Plus, whether you'd like to take part in news reporting.

Could this mean that Stardoll are wanting to have its own news channel? That'd be certainly interesting! Would YOU like to take part in this news channel? Comment!

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faux.fuchsia said...

Charlotte did put the link in the picture, but if you're lazy just copy it from here:

Lettie97 said...

I did both the surveys :)
It would be cool.