Thursday, 11 November 2010

Congratulations TSJ+ Admire Magazine

Hey guys (: I am back and SO sorry for my HUGE lack of posts, but I do have a clear explanation: I was grounded and was not allowed on the computer for a week or so... So, please forgive me, but I will be back up and running with better post's then EVER!

Firstly, I would like to stay a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to The Stardoll Juice, who now have a BIG number of 444 FOLLOWERS! So, congratulation's to the owner firstly, Lettie97 & for making me so welcome on this blog, to all the writer's for posting & the biggest thank you to you reader's who made TSJ what it is today!

And secondly, Admire is releasing it's first Couture line... I am VERY excited! There seem's to be no location yet though, well, will have to wait and see (:


44nicole44 said...

4 is my favourite number <3
thats why my username is 44nicole44 :)
well done :D!

Anonymous said...

umm... 444 is a bad lucky number in the Chinese Customs.